INSITE: Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics performs the following services:

Analytical and Visualization

  • Advising (helping companies understand what Big Data is and how to harness its potential)
  • Collecting the data
  • Cleaning and Structuring the data
  • Analyzing/Visualizing data to uncover interaction patterns and prediction


Partner Projects

  • Dedicated specialized research power team from a top-10 ranked program
  • Collaboration using company’s proprietary and social media data and/or sensor data
  • Company defined projects addressing their challenging business issues


Big Data Research

  • Pure research on Predictive Analytics that will produce pioneering scientific algorithms and quantitative models for analyzing Big Data
  • Applied research exploring problems in real contexts with the goal of providing practical real-world applications


Partner Projects Examples for Specific Industries

  • Sports
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Retail and Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • News Media


For additional information or to inquire about INSITE services, please contact us.