Master's Projects

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2008 and Newer

Aravind P Shankar
Business Intelligence Implementation for MOSAIC

Deepika Nim
Metrics Monitoring System (Freescale Semiconductor)

Hetal Mehta
Report and Dashboard creation at Intuit

Jagadish Ramamurthy
Sanofi Aventis –Scientific Knowledge Repository: Tucson Repository of Related Information (TURRI)

Jagdeep S Kalsi
OPAL – An Event Monitoring and Analytics Infrastructure For Enterprise Performance Management 

Jiayun Zhao
University College – Interdisciplinary Study Online Application System

Kalpesh Jain, Neha Sabharwal

Kunpeng Zhang
Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Biological Databases for Knowledge Discovery - ADRG

Nikunj Kshatriya
W7 Model Application to Wikipedia Edit History - ADRG

Nivethitha Kumar
Call Volume Tracker – Intuit SBG

Shankar Venkataraman
A Product Selector for Freescale’s Sales and Marketing Team

Shirish Khandekar
Course Management System for the Department of Mathematics

Sriram Srinivasan
Eller MIS Student Career Management System

Vinod Nanthan
ARIZONA RESPIRATORY CENTER – Data Quality issues with ARC Data



Harihur DeSilva
IT process Provenance Tracking using the W7 Model

Vinayak Sambargi
Compliance Reporting of Enterprise Applications with the IT Roadmap for Fidelity Investments

Sudakshna Sethuraman
QuickBooks Enterprise Solution Sunsetting Program:OLAP reporting and Data Mart for Intuit

Regi Thomas
WikiVote'08: Tracking Provenance on the Wikipedia using the W7 model

Sunil Vadgama
OLAP Reporting for QUICKBOOKS ONLINE Customer Migration



Min Seong Kang
A Data Object Warehouse for Rangelands West 

Srikanth Ramachandran
A Volunteer Management System for the American Red Cross

Sandi Wenas
A Web based System for Supporting the Internal Review Board at the University of Arizona



Joseph Fortunato
Fortunato's Catering Management System 

Pierre Geiger
An Information System for World Care

Priyadath Guptan
Tours and Travel Management Information System

Srini Venkataramani
Developing the Tucson Help Portal at the Sanofi-Aventis Combinatorial Technologies Center



AnnMaree White
Spatio Temporal Data Visualization and Analysis

Merrick B. Richmond
An Information Management System for Wildfire Related Tree-Ring Data

Dan Keltner
Product Lifecycle Management: A Best Practices Analysis

Iljoo Kim
An Information Management System to Support the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at the University of Arizona



Robin Murphy
A Web Application for Server Resource Management for Boeing Corporation

Kedar Thakker
Interactive Spending Report Using Multidimensional OLAP Cube for Ventana Medical Systems

Jun Liu
Implementation of DISTIL: A Conceptual Modeling Tool to Capture Spatio-Temporal Semantics

Fan Li
Defining Business Rules during Conceptual Database Design: An Automated Approach

Homa Rabiee
Spatial and Temporal Relational Database Development for Hydrologic Data

Chun Q. Yin
PET Information Management System (PIMS): A database System to Improve Clinical Operations and to Assist Decision-making for Southwest Positron Emission Tomography Institute

Wei Wei
Biological Sequence Databases: A New Semantic Model for Sequence Data



Sabah Currim
Web Based Data Management for Public Land Grazing Management at the Walker Basin Allotment

Bum-Dong Kim
Intelligent Query Interface for Geospatial Metadata Management

Zhiongxiang Xia
Web Data Restructuring for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Maneesh Arora
Content Management in Enterprise Portals



Armaity Billimoria A Case Study of Using Information Technology for Strategic Advantage

Yan Jhang
Customized Data Representation System Southwest Regional Earth and Science Application Center

Steve Lacroix
NADM/MAT Knowledge Skills & Abilities Database

Dongwon Lee
Semi-Autonomously Converting Relational Schema to Conceptual Schema

Daniel M. McDonald Knowledge Sharing Applications to Facilitate Mesoamerican Research

Yun Wan
Crossroads Online Catering System

Gang Yang 
Top Direct Access Project



Hui Li 
A Self-Organizing Map Tool for Heterogeneous Database Schema Integration

Donna Harris 
Business Intelligence System for Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. 

Jongseo Kim 
Resource Harvesting in the Saguaro Digital Library

Jeffrey M. Abbruzzi
A Reusable Development Framework for Web-based Applications

Jeff S. Perry
The Wingspan Community Center's Online Membership, Donation and Events System

Lixin Sui 
A Dynamic Online Class Schedule System for DRA Software Training Company

Vaughn A. Hromiko
The EllerNet and The OCD Company Contacts Management System

Abbas A Rangwala
Measuring Business Value of Data Warehouse: A Survey of Industry Practices 

Amy Keltner
Site Use Tracking System Regional Earth Science Application Center

Anuradha Iruku
Retrieval and Storage of Remote Sensing Data on Snow Cover 

Brian M. Ellerman
A Lotus/Domino-based Workflow Management System for Maddenmedia, Inc.



Varsha Das
Electronic Commerce for the University of Arizona

Edward 'Clarke' Hair
"Help On Call" An Interactive Caller Database System

Guoxiang Wang 
Data management for Chilean Flora: A Dynamic and Semantic Online System

Kangsuk Kim 
The Development of an Interoperable Mediation System Architecture: An Ontology and Mediator-Based Approach

Yousub Hwang 
Implementation of Semantic Conflict Resolvers: A Production Rule-Based Approach 

Jie Liu
SunBird International: An Electronic Commerce Database System



Jing Chen
Virtual Store System: A Relational Database Online Catalog

Ji-Yong Hwang 
The development of the Unifying Semantic Model Star (USM*) Tool in Java 

Victoria Fisher 
Library Information Systems Team HELPline Call Log Analysis

Kristian Aspelin 
Accessing Distributed MultiMedia Data Through Intelligent Agents 

Brad Scwartz 
Admissions Tracker: A system for the University of Arizona MBA programs office

Adva Ziv 
Database Connectivity: A JDBC Solution

Qiong Li 
Dynamic Image Data Management System Using Active Server Pages

Niranjan Manjeshwar 
Navigating the Unifying Semantic Model: Facility for Data Retrieval

Tom Casberg 
A Database for the Pima County Democratic National Party

Chuck Lai
Database Analysis and Design for the Eller School MBA Program, Independent Study 

Brad Warezack 
Database Design for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Independent Study

Alvin Sebastian
Freshman Year Center Information System 



Arundhati Guha
Modeling Business Rules: Developing A Methodology And Software For Systematic Organization of Business Rules

Larry Ricker 
Internet Electronic Commerce Prototype



Kay Woon Tay
ETHNOS Systems Development Project

Keith A. Wilburn
Organizational Challeges/Data-Based Solutions: A Case Study

Tim Hui
A Unix Based Database Design Aid

Joki Leung
Enhanced Techniques for Database Design



Ying Lim
Implementation of the Unifying Semantic Model Design Tool 

Youning Lin
An Intelligent Tool for Schema Analysis and Integration: Methodology, Algorithm & Implementation

Emmanuel Y. Gutierrez 
Design antation of the USM/EOSDIS Schema Repository 

Doug Kroese 
The Undergraduate Programs Office Scholarship Management System

Noel Guttierez
World Wide Web interface to Sybase for Scientific Data Management 

Curtis Strain 
Unibase Repository

Dan Stiles
A Graphical Database Design Tool



Kai-tsun Chang 
A Survey of Semantic Data Model Chharacteristics Desirable in a Computer: The Relational Representation of an USM Schema and Its Implementation

Arun Rajan 
FDEXPERT for Windows

Brian P. Jones 
The Temporal Agent: A Model for Temporal Data Normalization 

Daryn Crawford 
Synthesizer for Windows Version 2.0

Jose Chavez
SQL VM Reference Manual

Ramesh Venkataraman
Unibase Modeler: A Graphical Tool

David D. Brown 
A Survey of Semantic Data Model Chharacteristics Desirable in a Computer Integrated Manufacturing Data Model



Neeraj Talwar 
Synthesizer for Windows

Theodoros Paschalides 
SQL/USM: Syntax and Semantics of a Query Based Language for the Unified Semantic Model

Manohar Mahadevan
A Plasma Management System: for the Plasma Processing Industry

Aihua Hsiao 
USM Semantics-based fragmentation

Brian Henning 
Infrared Laboratories: Order-Entry System 

Min-Hwei Liu 
Conflict Classification and Resolution: Extention of UNIBASE Schema Integration Tool

Isabelle Mathon 
Automated Tools for Database Design 

K.C. Chang 
CD Library Compact Disk Accessing System

Yiannis Hepis 
A Graphical User Interface for Database Access 

Alan Fu 
A Relational to Hierarchical Database Query Translation Tool



Marwan Mazhar Aiche
The Unifying Semantic Model User Interface

Ruel L. Torres
A Prototype Scientific Database Browser Implemented in a Windows Environment

Jean Kierstead 
The Catalina Methodist Day School Database Application

Ted Swanson
IN TIME: Interactive Database & Prototype Development

Siroos Safaii
Mainframe to PC Express Database Conversion



Graig Roylance 
The Law Help Database System for Poore & Riddle Law Offices 

David Bean 
Database and Network Design for the Middle Eastern Studies Center

Jim Usry 
Telecomm: An Expert System for New Product Screening 

Avi Basu 
Unifying Semantic Model: Schema Integration Methodology

Kelly O'Neill 
Global Modeling in Distributed Database Systems



James V. Nutley, Kaming W. Poon
Telecomm - An Expert System For Telecommunication Products Screening

K. E. Fein 
Intelligent Query Interface for Geospatial Metadata Management



Usha Balasubramanian
Optical Data Storage Bibliographic Information

Mark R. Hall
Animal Diet/Food Inventory System for the Reid Park 



Clark L. Chastain 
A Benchmark of the Microcomputer Version of the Oracle Database Management System 

Stephen M. Curran 
Land Management Information System

Jaafar Husain 
INNOVATOR - An Expert System for New Product Launch Decisions 

Philip D. Cunningham 
Planning and Implementation Strategies for Automated Office System

Carter L. Frank
ROTC Cadet Information System

Deanna M. Hicks 
Student Information Management System

Angelic Villarruel
Family Housing Maintenance System



Candan Bener 
Graduate Placement Information System